Kaliedoscope Interior
Ahmedabad India
Year 2022
Kaleidoscopic Space was conceptualised to be an oasis of calm in providing respite from bustling city and enabling a productive work environment. A sense of journey and discovery as one navigates through the space guides the design. The previously drab conventional office space has been transformed with the bold use of colour, patterns and texture that come together cohesively to mark movement and transitions, and define spaces. The waiting lounge's vibrant blue walls are set off by the warm tones of reclaimed wood and leather furniture. Curated art, artefacts and plants with foliage in jewel tones of green add warmth and interest compensating for the lack of natural light. The reception and service area are located on one side of this space. The other side has work cabins that are flooded with natural light and views of city. The blue walls continue into the corridor connecting to the spaces beyond. The dining space also has blue walls that set-off a bold red and floral artwork and chairs. The corridor expands into a conference room separated by a glass paned partition. It picks up on the blue from the waiting lounge as well as introducing a shade of green into the mix with the patterned flooring of the corridor continuing into the space. The opposite side of the corridor accommodates two large personal offices personlised to suit each of their users. Neutral walls offset warm tones of the wooden furniture, and flooring. The spaces have a floral theme and warmth is brought through the use of art, artefacts, plants and lighting. While one of the spaces uses yellow accents as a foil to the more neutral shades, the other workspace is breaks the palette with more neutron and dark earthy tones.
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